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Abhijeet Bohra


raRe DILIGENCE is driven by a multi-faceted personality Abhijeet Bohra who is better known as an Artist from the Global electronic music industry, by the brand name DJ Beat2 who recently won 2 awards in the field of Music Production & Performing Art as a DJ, in Delhiites, Luxury Lifestyle Magazine polls for 2019.

Abhijeet Bohra's career as an Artist helped him travel to various countries over the years, which helped him build a wide network of professionals from various fields.

Art, Music and Luxury has a natural influence on Abhijeet Bohra since the beginning. He is often found effortlessly shifting between roles as an Artist or Entrepreneur.

Abhijeet Bohra hones a post-graduate degree in Executive-MBA from NMIMS Mumbai (Deemed University) in Family Business along with other degrees in the Music field from Trinity College Of Music, London College Of Music and Point Blank School (London). This explains his quest for learning and the dynamic range of responsibilities held by him!

Abhijeet's friendly demeanour, sense of business and commitment with responsibility has helped him build strong relations everywhere he is involved.

Hence, raRe DILIGENCE is positioned nicely along with a great balance of taste for Art, Luxury and Business from this multi-talented drive force backed up by a team of handpicked professionals from different fields!

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